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About My Name

The most common spelling of the name I guess it's Tamar, which more closely resembles the correct pronunciation. Having the "h" after the "T" leads people to pronounce this sequence as the digraph "th". In Spanish the "h" doesn't have a sound, it's always ignored, it's just there to make words look nicer =)
My mother picked my name from the Bible. Thamar was one of the daughters of David and her story is not a very happy one. There are different versions of Thamar in the Bible, none of them have happy endings. I hope to fare better than these woman did.
There's also a poem by the Spanish poet Garcia Lorca called "Thamar y Amnón".
I recently found out that there was a Princess named Thamar Angelina Komnene.
So, all the stories I know related to my name are tragic (OK, maybe tragic is too strong an adjective). But I still like my name, and I also like the fact that I'm the only Thamar Solorio out there. On the downside, it's pretty easy to track me down on the Internet =)