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Ph.D. Dissertations

Updated on Tue, 04/05/2011 - 10:53am

The following dissertations were authored by our students.

Wong, Daisy. "Collaborative Interpreting for Knowledge Discovery". Jones, 2003 Spring.
Wu, Xiaqing (James). "Morphing Many Polygons Across a Change in Topology". Johnstone, 2003 Spring.
Tao, Tao. "Jat Wing: A Distributed Enhanced Tuple Space-based Mobile Agent Computation Model in a Ubicomp World". Hyatt, 2001 Winter.
Donaldson, Steven. "An Artificial Neural Network for Multi-Level Interleaved and Creative Serial Order Cognitive Behavior". Reilly, 2001 Summer.
Cameron, Marietta. "Object Recognition using Three-Dimensional Alpha Shapes". Sloan, 1999 Fall.
Hitt, Teresa. "OBSRV/ANN: A Block-Style Hybrid Simulation C++ Class Library". Reilly, 1998 Summer.
Kim, Hiryoung. "Solving Graph Problems on Special Classes of Graphs". Sprague, 1998 Spring.
Keenan, Mikal. "Fine-Grained Object-Oriented Artificial Evolution of Artificial Neural Networks". Jones, 1998 Spring.
Hill, Aubrey. "Acquisition of Case-based Semantic Networks Using Knowledge Discovery Techniques". Jones, 1998 Spring.
Brossette, Stephen. "Data Mining and Epidemiologic Surveillance". Jones, 1998 Spring.
Yalamanchili, Mallik. "Process Migration in Heteroeneous Distributed Computing Systems". Hyatt, 1997 Spring.
Freund, Jason. "Volume Processing Assisted Volume Rendering". Sloan, 1997 Spring.
Villa, Mark. "Cooperative Heterogeneous Intelligent Processing Systems: Applications and Tools". Reilly, 1996 Fall.
Li, Li. "A Robust Parsing Model with Object-Oriented Knowledge". Bryant, 1995 Summer.
Wang, Yun. "Hierarchical Methods for Three-Dimensional Suface Reconstruction". Sloan, 1995 Spring.
Krishnamraju, Penmetcha. "Integrated Intelligences in A Fuzzy Systems Framework". Reilly, 1995 Fall.
Strand, Eugene. "Integrated Adaptive Strategies for Training Feed Forward Artificial Neural Networks". Jones, 1993 Spring.
Bayram, Zeki. "Integrating Functional, Logic and Object-Oriented Programming Language Paradigms with Application to Deductive Databases". Dey, 1993 Spring.
Anumolu, Vivek. "A Hybrid Neural Network Methodology for Studying the Development of External Memory Strategies in Problem-Solving". Reilly, 1993 Fall.
Turner, Richard. "A Distributed Discrete Simulation System Based on GPSS and Tuple-Space". Hyatt, 1992.
Patterson, Lewis. "A Distributed Tuple-Space with Fault-Tolerance". Hyatt, 1992.
Barrett, John. "A Computerized Formal Methodology for Simulation Software Development". Reilly, 1991.
Lilly, Henry. "A Methodology for Eliminating Wasted Computation Time From Prolog Programs While Insuring Completeness". Bryant, 1990.
Chao, William. "Denotational Semantics-Directed Compiler Generation for Data Flow Machines". Bryant, 1988.
Hyatt, Robert. "A High-Performance Parallel Algorithm To Search Depth-First Game Trees". Suter, 1988.
Edupuganty, Balanjaninath. "Two-Level Grammar: An Implementable Metalanguage for Consistent and Complementary Language Specifications". Bryant, 1987.
Dean, Susan. "Graph Isomorphism Algorithms Based on Trees and Paths". Yang, 1982.
Hooper, James. "Simulation Strategies: A Theoretical and Practical Investigation". Reilly, 1979.
May, Virginia. "A New Algorithm, and the Evaluation of Current Algorithms, Concerning Graph Isomorphism". Yang, 1977.

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