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Note: I am no longer employed by CIS except as an instructor. This page is left online for reference. I can now be reached at uabcis -at-

I was the senior system administrator for the department from 2003-2010. I am also an instructor, and finally, in 2009 I received my masters degree from the department with specializations in Bioinformatics and Parallel and Distributed Computing.

Below you'll find information and links regarding the courses I have taught, the talks I have presented, some of my current activities, and miscellaneous tech notes. If you have any questions or would like to contact me, I can be reached at uabcis -at-

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Courses Taught

Summer 2011CS434/634/734 - Virtualization (course site in Blackboard)
Spring 2011CS306 - Perl Programming (course site in Blackboard)
Summer 2009CS492/592 - Special Topics in Virtualization
Spring 2009CS306 - Perl Programming
Summer 2008CS492/592 - Special Topics in Virtualization
Spring 2008CS307 - Perl Programming (since renumbered to CS306)
Fall 2007CS306 - Intro to Perl Programming
Spring 2007CS306 - Intro to Perl Programming
Fall 2006CS306 - Intro to Perl Programming
Summer 2006CS306 - Intro to Perl Programming
Spring 2006CS306 - Intro to Perl Programming
Fall 2005CS306 - Intro to Perl Programming
Summer 2005CS306 - Intro to Perl Programming

Talks and Presentations

EDUCAUSE Southwest Regional Conference 2009 February 25, 2009 Talk abstract is here.

At the invitation of Yahoo/Zimbra, discussing the UAB CIS deployment of Zimbra Collaboration Platform.

UAB CIS February 27, 2008 A talk on Virtualization, again as part of the UAB ACM IT Lecture Series.
UAB CIS November 2, 2007 AJAX the Great: The Origin and Development of the Dynamic Web [PDF]

I was invited by the UAB ACM Student Chapter to speak as part of their IT Lecture Series. This talk presents a history of the development of dynamic web technologies, culminating in the technology du jour, AJAX.

Thomas Jefferson HS for Science & Technology, Alexandria, VA May 18, 2007 Careers in System Administration [PPT]
Photos [MOV]

I was particularly excited to get a chance to return to my high school and give a talk about careers in system administration to the current crop of excellent students studying in TJHSST's Computer Systems Lab.

October 18, 2005 I presented LDAP Applied, a 45 minute talk, at the inaugural O'Reilly European Open Source Convention.

Slides for LDAP Applied in OpenOffice or PDF formats.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005 I presented a slightly different version of the talk, with added coverage for Bacula, at the 2005 Open Source Conference. The talk is titled Open Source Data Backup, or: How To Sleep Better At Night. You can also download the slides [OOffice].
July 29, 2004 I presented Amanda for Data Backup: or, How to Sleep Better at Night at the 2004 O'Reilly Open Source Conference. This talk is part of the Linux track and will take place on Thursday, July 29th, 10:45-11:30am.

Download the presentation notes (OpenOffice Impress format).

Sample amanda.conf
Sample chg-scsi.conf
Some notes I made during my setup process


Tech Notes

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