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Updated on Mon, 02/28/2011 - 8:49am

Computer technology continues to be a major sustaining force behind technological innovation which stimulates the development of new industries, new jobs, and productivity improvements. This is vital to U.S. business and industry which face foreign competition in many areas. As the cost of computer systems continues to rapidly decrease, the number of applications steadily increase. This lower cost trend together with recent research has made possible the emergence of a new generation of software applications that promises to affect the productivity of organizations in new and important ways. A computer science degree provides both the fundamental design principles of the software and hardware of computer systems as well as the skills in the use of current programming languages, operating systems and equipment. The value of the fundamental principles lies with the fact that they are the basis for both current and future computer technology and, therefore, form a strong stable foundation for a lifetime career. The value of the skills acquired in the use of today's computer technology has obvious value in the job market.

Still weighing your degree options? Consider these facts about CS at UAB:

  1. Undergraduate students have access to a variety of computing resources including computing laboratories equipped with Microsoft Windows based workstations,  and specialized laboratories for networking using LINUX/Intel workstations. Additionally, students may apply for access to the various assets of the Alabama Supercomputer Center.

  2. In support of the doctoral program and research the department sponsors research seminars, which involve both outstanding guest lecturers and local graduate students and faculty who discuss research activities at the frontiers of the field. This is an important opportunity since the research of today leads to the products of tomorrow. These seminars are open to all students in the department and undergraduate students may receive credit for attending.

  3. The Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery provides an opportunity for computer science majors to participate in the activities of the oldest and largest professional society for computer professionals.

  4. Opportunities to participate in the Co-operative Education Program provide valuable work experience in the computer field while pursuing your degree. Students are eligible upon completion of CS 201, CS 250, and CS 302 with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

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