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Ph.D. Dissertations

Updated on Tue, 04/05/2011 - 10:53am

The following dissertations were authored by our students.

Yang, Lin. "Mining Canonical Views From Internet Image Collections". Johnstone, Summer 2011.
Wardman, Bradley. "A Series Of Methods For The Systematic Reduction Of Phishing ". Skjellum, Fall 2011.
O'Gwynn, B. David. "A Topological Approach To Shape Analysis And Alignment". Johnstone, Fall 2011.
Arora, Ritu. "FraSPA : A Framework for Synthesizing Parallel Applications". Bangalore, Fall 2010.
Curry, Matthew. "A Highly Reliable GPU-Based Raid System". Skjellum, 2010.
Afgan, Enis. "Utility Driven Grid Scheduling Framework". Bangalore, 2009 Summer.
Chen, Xin. "Human-Centered Semantic Retrieval in Multimedia Databases". Zhang, 2008 Summer.
Lin, Yuehua (Jane). "A Model Transformation Approach to Automated Model Evolution". Gray, 2007 Summer.
Liu, Ying. "Outlier Detection by Network Flow". Sprague, 2007 Fall.
Liu, Shih-Hsi (Alex). "QoSPL: A Quality of Service-Driven Software Product Line Engineering Framework for Design and Analysis of Component-Based Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems". Bryant, 2007 Fall.
Jowers, Leonard. "Fuzzy Systems Simulation: Models, Foundations, and Systems Development". Reilly, 2007 Fall.
Chen, Yonghui. "Embedded Clustering Systems with Biological Data Mining Applications". Reilly and Sprague, 2006 Summer.
Hernandez, Francisco. "GAUGE: Grid Automation and Generative Environment using Domain Engineering and Domain Modeling for Drafting Applications for the Grid". Bangalore and Reilly, 2006 Summer.
Guan, Zhijie. "Grid Flow: A Grid-Enabled Scientific Workflow System With a Petri Net-Based Interface". Skjellum, 2006 Spring.
Sun, Ying. "Surface Reconstruction using Gamma Shapes". Sloan, 2006 Fall.
Zheng, Xidong. "Using Fuzzy Probability and Simulation Methods in Web Planning Models". Reilly, 2005 Spring.
Wang, Yibing. "The Nezha Parallel Computing Environment for Clusters". Hyatt, 2003 Summer.

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