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Minors and Specializations

Updated on Tue, 04/23/2013 - 2:15pm

In order for a degree-seeking student at UAB to obtain a minor in computer science, the following conditions must be met:

  • Completion of 21 semester hours of CS courses at the 200 level or above, including 14 semester hours at the 300 level or above.
    • The 21 semester hours may be concentrated in the Computer Networking specialization.
  • A minimum of 6 semester hours in CS at the 200 level or above must be taken at UAB.
  • A student must have a C average in all courses presented for the minor.

Computer Networking Specialization

Students must complete the following four courses to qualify for this specialization:

Only one of the following courses may be used as a substitute: CS 410, CS 436


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