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VMware Academic Program

Updated on Mon, 03/15/2010 - 12:03pm


CIS IT is pleased to announce availability of the VMware Academic Program (VMAP) for CIS department faculty, staff and students. 

The VMware Academic Program is a comprehensive program designed specifically for the academic community. The program enables qualifying academic institutions worldwide to gain easy access to cutting-edge virtualization technology and resources at no charge.

  • Faculty can use VMware software under specific program usage guidelines, free of charge, in a wide variety of areas of academic research and classroom instruction.
  • Students can use this software as part of their coursework or research projects.

Licenses for software such as VMware ESX vSphere 4 Advanced, VMware Fusion for Mac, and VMware Workstation for Linux and Windows are available through the program.

Eligibility and Usage Guidelines

A summary of the key points of the usage guidelines is presented here.  Program users are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the full eligibility and usage guidelines of the VMAP program.

Examples of Acceptable Use

  • The free licenses provided through The VMware Academic Program may be used for instruction and non-commercial research only.
  • Faculty members as well as staff directly involved in administering systems and providing support for program software may install the software on their personal computers
  • Students taking qualified courses or conducting research can use the software on their personal computers. Students may use the licenses after the course or project is concluded while they are still at UAB.

Examples of Unacceptable Use

  • Students who are in an approved department but are not taking courses that lead to credit or a certificate or not involved in relevant research projects are not eligible to use the software.
  • Students, faculty members, or other parties that received a license under the program but no longer attend or are employed by the institution are not eligible to use the software.
  • The software provided by VMAP may not be sold, rented, leased, or transferred to any third party including contractors, consultants, other companies, and other department personnel.

Use of free VMware software for instruction and research is governed by the specific program guidelines and the conditions described within the Academic EULA and the use of software for infrastructure purposes is governed by the VMware EULA for each of the products.

The UAB CIS VMAP program administrator will have final say on whether to grant access to the VMAP program based on the program rules and guidelines.

Obtaining Software and Licenses

Please follow this link to the UAB CIS VMAP Online Store to obtain the software downloads and licenses.  The store will ask for authentication during the shopping cart and checkout process.  At that time, you will be redirected to the CIS website to authenticate.  Please use your CIS credentials.  Note that not all CIS accounts are granted access to the VMAP program - this access is enabled on a semester-by-semester basis based on your current circumstances and the program rules.  In addition, not all products in the store are available to all member classes (faculty, staff, and students) of the department.  The store will indicate when this is the case.

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