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Student User Guide

Updated on Tue, 09/07/2010 - 11:51am

The IT staff has compiled a Student User Guide to orient students to the department's IT resources and provide a wealth of information about the resources available to you as a CIS student, how to access and use those resources, and how to seek help.

We would like to hear any feedback that our students have about the guide and how we can make it more useful.  Please feel free to send comments using the Contact Us form.



  1. Introduction
    1. Overview of the CIS IT Organization
    2. New User Quickstart
    3. Getting Access to CIS Resources
      1. Applying for a CIS Account
      2. Physical Access to CIS Resources
    4. CIS IT Policies
      1. Acceptable Use Policy
      2. Account Lifecycle Policy
      3. Alumni Services Policy
    5. Using the CIS Helpdesk
    6. Relationship to Other IT on Campus
  2. Getting to Know CIS IT Resources
    1. How CIS IT Manages Department Resources
      1. Introduction
      2. System Management and Updating
      3. Physical and Electronic Monitoring and Protection of Resources
    2. Laboratories
      1. Laboratory Software List
      2. Open Labs
      3. Closed Labs
      4. Research Labs
    3. Data Center
      1. Data Center Resources
    4. Checkout Library
  3. Account Usage and Management
    1. Passwords
      1. Changing your password
    2. Home Directories
    3. Remote Access to CIS Resources
      1. Linux and Mac SSH Client
      2. Windows SSH Client
      3. Using PuTTY
      4. Remote Desktop Tunneling to a Personal Workstation
      5. Using WinSCP
  4. Software
    1. Subscription Libraries
      1. UAB Software
      2. Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA)
      3. VMware Academic Program
      4. IBM Academic Initiative
  5. Network Services
    1. File Services
      1. Home Directories
      2. Backup and Restore
    2. Email Services
      1. Undergraduate and Masters Student Email
      2. PhD Student Email
      3. Mailing Lists
    3. Personal CIS Web Space
      1. Publishing Content to your Web Space
    4. Subversion Source Code Repository
      1. Accessing CIS Subversion
      2. Users' Personal SVN Repository
      3. Research Lab and Special Project Repositories
    5. PostgreSQL
      1. How the PostgreSQL Accounts are Set Up
      2. Using PSQL to Connect
      3. Using Perl to Connect
      4. Using PHP to Connect
      5. Seeing PHP Errors in the Web Browser


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