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Papers About MPI/FT

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2002Rajanikanth Batchu, Yoginder S. Dandass, Anthony Skjellum, Murali BeddhuMPI/FT: A Model-based Approach to Low-overhead Fault Tolerant Message-Passing MiddlewareMPI/FT Journal Paper. Submitted to Cluster Computing, October 28, 2002.
2000Rajanikanth Batchu, Jothi P. Neelamegam, Zhenqian Cui, Murali Beddhu, Anthony Skjellum, Yoginder Dandass, Manoj ApteMPI/FT(tm): Architecture and Taxonomies for Fault-Tolerant, Message-Passing Middleware for Performance-Portable Parallel ComputingMPI/FT First Paper. DSM2001, May, 2001.

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