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The State of Alabama High School Programming Contest (HSPC) hosted by UAB brings talented students from high schools throughout Alabama to the UAB campus to participate in an organized competition.

Learn Tech Skills With Fun And Interactive Camps! ACM's summer camps give highschool students an opportunity to spend part of their summer developing and improving their computer programming skills.

Nitesh Saxena, Ph.D., associate professor of computer and information sciences, wondered what was happening in people's brains when they encountered malware warnings or malicious websites. His collaboration with Rajesh Kana, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology, and three students revealed a surprising answer that won them a “Distinguished Paper Award.”

In a paper presented at the 2014 Network and Distributed Systems Security Symposium, researchers offered innovative options to improve the security of two-factor authentication systems while also ensuring the systems’ usability.

According to a recent study, students in these degrees receive more job offers before graduation. "The whole economy operates on computer technology, and computer science majors know how to make that vast IT economy work - everything from programming to integration to security," explains Anthony Skjellum, a computer science professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Food, Fun, and Friends, Thursday April 10, from 11:00 - 1:00

An unprecedented four University of Alabama at Birmingham College of Arts and Sciences faculty have been awarded CAREER Awards by the National Science Foundation. The recipients are assistant professors Ragib Hasan, Ph.D., and Thamar Solorio, Ph.D., Computer and Information Sciences, Eugenia Kharlampieva, Ph.D., Chemistry, and Karolina Mukhtar, Ph.D., Biology.

A Facebook-sponsored game of cybersecurity Capture the Flag will be held March 22 at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in which teams will try to penetrate peers' online security while defending their own. Read more to see who won and view photos!

A team of University of Alabama at Birmingham faculty and students have created a free, downloadable smartphone application to help health care providers and cancer patients identify more than 500 valuable community resources for people in North Central Alabama battling cancer.

During Spring 2014, UAB will be offering an informal series of monthly informational workshops describing the NSF CAREER program to assist junior faculty in preparing submissions for Summer 2014. The first workshop will be held on March 21, 2014 from 12-2 pm in Heritage Hall 500 . Prof. David Hilton (physics) and Prof. Tony Skjellum (computer science), both prior CAREER award winners, will discuss the components of a successful proposal.

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) launched its Graduate Entrepreneurship Awards this past year to bridge academic research and industry and provide students with hands-on experience assessing and developing market potential for their early-stage technologies. Song Gao, a a graduate student in Computer and Information Sciences, received an entrepreneurship award for his proposal to enhance Internet security.

"We pay our bills online, shop online even reconnect with long lost friends on the web. With all that information floating around out there, have you ever wondered how much someone could find out about you? You might be surprised as we found out when Alabama's 13 Investigates: All About You." Most people have googled their own name but Dr. Ragib Hasan, a computer science professor at UAB, says what that search shows you is just the tip of the information iceberg. "

Earlier biology experiments were hypothesis driven; however, NGS changed this to "Hypothesis creating experiments” and more importantly NGS data offers researchers the ability to ask important biological questions.....

All jobs aren’t created equal. In fact, some are simply better than the rest. U.S. News 100 Best Jobs of 2014 offer a mosaic of employment opportunity, good salary, manageable work-life balance and job security.

January 15, 2014. Wednesday. 9:00am - 1:00pm. The social will feature hot doughnuts & hot chocolate on one of the coldest days of the semester.

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